CEVOLUTION - Made by Klingspor


Klingspor presents the CEVOLUTION technology

More than "just" ceramics!

Klingspor products with CEVOLUTION technology are more powerful than comparable ceramic abrasives. Depending on the product and application, they offer the user more aggressiveness, a longer service life or even both.

The increased performance of products with CEVOLUTION technology results from the combination of an aggressive, self-sharpening ceramic grain with Klingspor's unique expertise in

  • Grain mixture
  • Grain sizes
  • Grain quantities
  • Formulation of undercoat and topcoat
  • Multibinding
  • and special manufacturing processes.

All of these individual components are specifically harmonised by Klingspor's developers for each different abrasive. This results in optimised products that meet the respective user requirements to a particularly high degree.

„Our development department takes a holistic approach to the new CEVOLUTION technology: it optimises the grit mix, grit sizes, grit quantities, the formulation of the pre-coat and top coat, and relies on multi-bonding or special manufacturing processes. Only when the abrasives offer a genuine increase in performance do they receive the coveted CEVOLUTION seal of approval“

Ibraim Lapa, Head of Business Development

Much MORE than CERAMIC GRAIN! - CEVOLUTION made by Klingspor

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