Maximum operating speed

The maximum operating speed of abrasive tools is the maximum speed at which rotating abrasives can be operated when fitted to the corresponding grinders during application.

It is given in m/s and defined by the applicable standards (for instance, DIN EN 12413, DIN EN 13743 and DIN EN 13236) in an effort to avoid and reduce risks. These standards also designate the different levels of possible maximum operating speeds according to which the abrasives need to be manufactured as well as the identification of these levels and the maximum permissible rotational speeds as a function of the diameter.

While no longer mandatory, the colour coding used to designate the maximum operating speed, which used to be required by regulations until recently, is still frequently used in the form of coloured stripes applied on the abrasive tools (e.g. 50 m/s = blue bar; 63 m/s = yellow bar, 80 m/s = red bar; 100 m/s = green bar,…).

For safety reasons, the user should strictly ensure not to exceed the maximum operating speed specified on the abrasive.

As a founding member of oSa, Klingspor attaches the utmost importance to the safety of their abrasives and to the testing and labelling practices demanded by the applicable standards, thus ensuring strict compliance with the standards DIN EN 12413 (for bonded abrasive products such as cutting-off wheels and grinding discs or R-Flex abrasives), DIN EN 13743 (for coated abrasives such as abrasive mop discs, abrasive mop wheels, mounted wheels, fibre discs and fibre disc backing pads) and DIN EN 13236 (for abrasive tools with diamonds and CBN).

The maximum operating speed is relevant to the following abrasive tools included in Klingspor's product range:

  • fibre discs and fibre disc backing pads (80 m/s)
  • Kronenflex cutting-off wheels and grinding discs (80 m/s for off-hand applications, 100 m/s for stationary cutting)
  • Kronenflex cup grinding wheels (50 m/s)
  • abrasive mop discs (80 m/s)
  • cleaning wheel NCD 200 (63 m/s)
  • compressed non-woven discs MFW 600 (47 / 37 m/s)
  • abrasive mop wheels (50 m/s; with the exception of abrasive mop wheels with a width of w>100 mm (30 m/s) and slashed abrasive mop wheels (40 m/s)).
  • mounted point/mounted wheel (40 m/s)
  • diamond cutting blades (80 m/s for blades fitted to angle grinders; 100 m/s for blades intended for use on petrol saws, joint cutters and table saws)
  • diamond sanding pads (80 m/s)
  • abrasives with an elastic bond including R-Flex wheels, mounted points and mottling points.

For these tools the maximum operating speed varies with the bond of the abrasive (5 m/s for abrasives with a W-shaped bond; 16 m/s for abrasives with an E-shaped bond; 32 m/s for abrasives with a Z-shaped bond)

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