70 years Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels

Jul 20, 2020

The invention of high-speed cutting-off wheels revolutionised the cutting of materials – and has made it possible for the Kronenflex® cutting-off wheels to celebrate their 70th birthday this year.


Inventor and visionary Carl Klingspor devised a product that was to leave a significant mark on the world of metalworking: the Kronenflex® Wheel.

A high-speed cutting-off wheel? Nobody had heard of such a thing in 1950. Back then, traditional hand wheels and cutting blades – often measuring 6 and 13 millimetres in thickness – reigned supreme.

Bus KronenflexKronenflex cutting-off wheels 70years

“Processing metal was a labour-intensive and time-consuming chore – and, with hardly anybody realising, the demand on the market for an alternative product solution began to soar”, people at Klingspor remember.

No wonder then that Carl Klingspor quickly teamed up with tool manufacturers in 1950 to develop the first high-speed cutting-off wheel the world had ever seen: the Kronenflex® Wheel.

Kronenflex cutting-off wheel evolutionKronenflex cutting-off wheel 70years

Breaking entirely new ground at the time, the revolutionary innovation not only made the workplace safer but also boosted the cutting speed while reducing wear at the same time. Milestones that have remained the standard by which even modern product developments are measured today.