PS 11 C Sheets with paper backing for Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Plastic

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Backing C-paper
Filling compound
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Klingspor abrasive sheets PS 11 C for varnish, paint, filler and plastic

Whether used on the fenders or the bonnet of a car or on the front door and garden gate at home – the abrasive sheets PS 11 C by Klingspor deliver the same exceptional performance during various sanding jobs before and after filling, painting or varnishing. Supported on a paper backing (C-paper), the sheets with paper backing (C-paper) are suitable for a wide range of tasks - including wet and dry sanding. Application options include use on

  • paint,
  • varnish,
  • filler and
  • plastic.

Abrasive sheets for car repair

Use during car repair is one of the most popular applications of the abrasive sheets PS 11 C. The abrasive paper is an equally fine choice for repair work on paint and varnish and for removing residue left behind by working with filler. Sanding the plastic parts of cars is also a breeze thanks to the product's fine grit size.

Ultra flexible, yet exceedingly stable

The abrasive sheets are made with silicon carbide, which provides for supremely aggressive abrasive performance. Another attribute that sets the PS 11 C apart is their outstanding flexibility. Whether used for dry or wet sanding, the abrasive sheets with paper backing (C-paper) by Klingspor have won over craftsmen, painters and do-it-yourselfers across the globe.

PS 11 C for a perfect hand sanding finish

Their elastic paper backing (C-paper) makes the abrasive sheets ideally suited for wet and dry sanding by hand. They are also an outstanding option for work on fine details or minor repair work on paint and varnish.

Versatility thanks to an extensive range of applications

The PS 11 C abrasive sheets by Klingspor offer the exceptional versatility required to cover a wide field of applications. The silicon carbide guarantees a great level of stability. Whether you are working on varnish, plastic or filler – the Klingspor abrasive sheets PS 11 C are the solution to your sanding and varnishing needs.