GK 555 Rubber drums

GK 555 – reusable rubber drum as a carrier for CS 310 X and CS 451 X spirabands

Spirabands are used in trade and industry wherever applications call for aggressive sanding with a high removal rate and perfect control at the same time. These ultra short, closed-loop abrasive belts offer the perfect length to be fitted on the rubber drum GK 555 engineered by Klingspor. When combined with a hand-held rotating machines running at high speeds – such as a conventional drilling machine, the rubber drum GK 555 performs sanding operations that require complete control over point-by-point sanding work. This type of work usually demands high removal rates. Depending on the abrasive material with which it is paired, the tool is used for sanding down wood, metal, plastic or varnish. The following Klingspor abrasive cloths are available as spirabands that can be fitted on the rubber drum GK 555:

  • CS 310 X
  • CS 451 X

Functioning of the rubber drum GK 555

The rubber drum GK 555 is a simple accessory that is marked by its cylindrical shape. The spiraband ships with the length that exactly matches the circumference of the rubber drum, ensuring a snug and perfect fit on the rubber drum. This makes it possible to fit the spiraband without any effort.
Since the load during work with the rubber drum GK 555 is exerted entirely on the spiraband rather than on the rubber drum itself, the rubber drum GK 555 can be reused as many times as needed.

Sanding with spirabands and the rubber drum GK 555

Sanding at high speed generates high loads, as the speed may - depending on the application - reach rates of up to 44,000 revolutions per minute. This subjects the abrasive material to tremendous strain. This is why spirabands are made of only the highest quality material. The abrasive material is aluminium oxide or zirconia alumina, which is applied on the X-cotton backing with synthetic resin.

Lengths and widths

The rubber drum GK 555 is available in different diameters ranging from 10 and 75 mm and widths between 20 and 30 mm as well as with spirabands that match these dimensions.