PS 28 F Belts with paper backing for Wood

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Open
Backing F-paper
Craftsman companies
Furniture industry
Window and door construction
Wood processing industry

Abrasive belt PS 28 F – the universal product for all woodworking applications

The abrasive belt PS 28 F with paper backing is a universal product for processing wood. There are many advantages with this premium product engineered by Klingspor include

  • the outstanding price-performance ratio,
  • the antistatic finish and
  • the efficient abrasive performance.

This abrasive belt is a particularly good choice for machine sanding.

Abrasive belt PS 28 F – the affordable abrasive belt for universal use

The abrasive belt PS 28 F by Klingspor is furnished with an F-paper backing that proves to be exceedingly durable and stable. The abrasive material used for this product is aluminium oxide, which is applied with an open coating and bonded with fully synthetic resin. Aluminium oxide is a material acclaimed for its combination of being both hard and tough. The open coating reduces clogging and ensures that the debris is removed from the sanding area. Thanks to its open coating, this abrasive belt is able to cope with the long fibres contained in materials such as wood. The antistatic finish of this abrasive belt significantly cuts down the amount of sanding dust that may adhere to the belt during use.

Abrasive belt PS 28 F – the efficient universal product for woodworking

The abrasive belt PS 28 F is ideally suited as a universal product for woodworking applications. It performs equally well when used for calibration and finish sanding on surfaces and is also suited for

  • long belt machines,
  • wide belt machines and
  • edge sanders.

Users across a wide range of businesses have come to appreciate the advantages of this premium product: in the woodworking trade including joiners’ and carpenters’ shops, in the wood processing industry including the furniture industry, in window construction, and in the production of parquet boards and floors.

Abrasive belt PS 28 F – the perfect abrasive for woodworking applications

The abrasive belt PS 28 F by Klingspor is a universal product that is ideal for processing various types of wood. Suitable for use in all areas of woodworking, the product is a particularly good choice for surface sanding on soft woods. Its performance is equally exceptional on solid wood as well as wood composite boards including core boards, veneer boards, plywood, and others. Its antistatic finish ensures reduced clogging and an enhanced service life.

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