DT 900 B Special Diamond cutting blades for angle grinders for Cured concrete, reinforced, Concrete

Concrete, reinforced
Suitable for wet and dry use 12 mm height of segments Laser welded
Class Special
Segmentation Standard
Design Laser welded
Service life
Cured concrete, reinforced
Chalky sandstone
Construction materials
Building construction
Concrete plants
Gardening and landscaping

Diamond cutting blade DT 900 B Special – professional tools for angle grinders

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 B Special by Klingspor makes it possible to reliably cut through even the most difficult materials. The blade has been designed for use on an angle grinder and is distinguished by

  • first-rate cutting performance,
  • fast cutting speed and
  • ultra long service life.

The diamond cutting blade DT 900 B Special lets you cut cured concrete, reinforced concrete and chalky sandstone as well as many other construction materials with perfect reliability and safety. These qualities turn this diamond tool into a must-have component of every construction site kit and makes it appealing to a great many trades.

Titanium-coated diamonds

The factors contributing to the unmatched cutting performance of the diamond cutting blade DT 900 B Special include the use of titanium-coated diamonds for the turbo segments. This makes it possible to achieve high cutting speeds even on reinforced concrete – allowing for work with utmost effectiveness and efficiency. This diamond cutting blade delivers exceptional service life – just as all tools included in Klingspor's product line 900 – and, therefore, offers particularly economical use and perfect usability even in the harshest of conditions. Since the blade is available in a variety of sizes, every customer will be able to find the ideal tool for perfect cuts in any type of application. This diamond cutting blade is suitable for use during demolition and restoration works as well as for creating openings and holes in reinforced and non-reinforced concrete or components made of chalky sandstone.

Working safely with diamond tools made by Klingspor

To afford the user maximum dependability and safety, Klingspor manufactures the diamond cutting blade* DT 900 B Special in house. In-house production provides for performance optimisation by continuous further development, the perfect matching of the core to the segments and the compliance with all testing and manufacturing regulations laid down in the DIN EN 13236 and oSa guidelines. Only tools that satisfy the strict specifications of the voluntary organisation will be given the trademark of the organisation. Certified products offer the user a high level of safety during use.