SFK 655 Set Flexible abrasives for Paint, Varnish, Glass, Stone, Wood, Plastic, Leather, Metals

Bonding agent Plastic
Grain SiC

The Klingspor hand block SFK 655: suitable for universal use

The hand block SFK 655 comes with a useful selection of grit sizes. The set can be used for precise and effective work on the most varied materials:

  • paint and varnish,
  • glass,
  • stone,
  • wood,
  • plastic,
  • leather and
  • metal.

The ideal helper for hand sanding in a mixed display: Offering a total of 18 universal abrasive blocks in a large supply pack, the set offers the right grit size for any application. The handy Sandflex offers universal use and is an equally excellent choice for professional applications and use at home: Whether used during auto repairs or for polishing brass, bronze and other types of metal surfaces, the product proves to be an exceptionally useful tool for cleaning and reconditioning suede shoes, the edge of skis, stainless steel sinks and applications on Western saddles.

Waterproof and elastic – for an outstanding final result

The silicon carbide grains used for this synthetic block are held in place with an elastic bond. It acts as an absorber when the exerted pressure is too strong or irregular. The result is an exceptionally uniform and fine scratch pattern. Better still, the premium materials used for this product are resistant to water and a large number of chemicals. The cleaning effect can be effortlessly enhanced further by adding such products as soap, paraffin wax or polishing pastes.

For cleaning and a perfect finish by hand sanding

The hand block SFK 655 set comes with all standard abrasive blocks that are included in the SFK series. The fine grit produces a marvellously even finish - without leaving behind any unsightly scratches. The coarse grit battles oxidation and reliably removes stubborn dirt. The hand block SFK 655 set includes all variants necessary for the preparation of finishing and cleaning. Its size ensures that the Sandflex fits securely in the palm of your hand. Unlike abrasive paper, the Sandflex needs to be replaced much less often. This makes work easier and faster. The Sandflex blocks of the series SFK 655 from Klingspor last until they are completely worn out and achieve excellent results right up to the end.