C 30 R Supra Kronenflex® cup grinding wheels for Stone, Concrete

Class Supra
Bonding agent Resin
Grain SiC
Service life
Stonemason businesses

The Kronenflex® cup grinding wheel C 30 R Supra – for stone, concrete and castings

The Kronenflex® cup grinding wheel C 30 R Supra is an excellent choice for grinding

  • stone,
  • concrete,
  • other mineral-based materials and
  • castings.

This product makes it a snap to grind both surfaces and edges with exceptional effectiveness. Made with SiC grain, this cup grinder is marked by a remarkable combination of high removal rate and outstanding service life.

The Supra performance class – abrasive tools with high aggressiveness and long service life

The cup grinders Klingspor offers in their Supra line, such as the Kronenflex® cup grinding wheel C 30 R Supra for stone/concrete, promise phenomenal service life that stems for their high level of aggressiveness. While allowing the user to make quick progress during work and minimise their processing times accordingly.,.

The abrasive grain – coarse, sharp-edged and ultra hard silicon carbide grain

The Kronenflex® cup grinding wheel C 30 R Supra for stone/concrete is sure to deliver excellent stock removal thanks to its coarse SiC grain. This abrasive grain is sharp-edged and extremely hard. Other distinguishing features of SiC grain are its brittleness and fragility. Portions made dull by the surface of the workpiece will fracture with new cutting edges. This exposes the grain underneath, allowing the user to keep working with a sharp grit. Klingspor relies exclusively on synthetic grain for the manufacture of their abrasive tools. The use of this material enables the company to guarantee abrasive tools that deliver consistently excellent results. This unchanging performance makes their cup grinding wheels, abrasive belts, grinding discs and all other products ideal for use in industrial environments. Klingspor manufactures their cup grinding wheels in conformity with European safety standard EN 12413. Safety is further enhanced by a test conducted in accordance with the specifications of the Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives, oSa.