NFW 600 Finishing mop for Metals, Stainless steel

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Stainless steel

Nylon webbed mop NFW 600 for processing metal surfaces

The nylon webbed mop NFW 600 is an exceptionally fine choice for creating a matt or satin finish on surfaces made of stainless steel and metal. Its singular structure ensures that this abrasive tool will deliver an even finish throughout its lifetime. Nylon webbed mops of the NFW 600 type are paired with a variety of abrasive tools including

  • the straight grinder,
  • a flexible shaft, and
  • the pedestal grinder.

The large selection of different hole diameters makes this nylon webbed mop a tool of exceptional versatility. It is also available in various sizes for various applications. One aspect to keep in mind, though, is that abrasive mop wheels with a large diameter must operate at a lower running speed. Nylon webbed mops with different grits allow for varying degrees of surface finish, including the final surface finish.

Hard grain, firmly bonded to the nylon webbed mop NFW 600

Selecting the right grain is of pivotal importance to the grinding result and the surface finish. The abrasive grain chosen for the abrasive mop wheel NFW 600 is Aluminium oxide. Aluminium oxide is a synthetic grain and distinguished by its irregular crystalline shape. Aluminium oxide is also extremely hard and tough. Both of these properties are ideal for creating a matt or satin finish on metal surfaces. The bonding agent used is synthetic resin, which is known for its strong adhesion and anchors the grain firmly.

Perfect scratch pattern with the right tool

Producing an even finish and, thus, the perfect scratch pattern requires the right tool for the job at hand. The nylon webbed mop is a good option for work on both flat and profiled workpieces as it optimally adapts to the workpiece. The soft and comfortable sanding behaviour of this nylon webbed mop allows the user to create a uniform finish of any workpiece they process. These attributes let this abrasive live up to the high standards for industrial use. All abrasive mops made by Klingspor are tested in accordance with oSa guidelines. They are also in conformity with European safety standard EN 13743. Imperative for safe use is complying with the permissible maximum speed of the abrasive tool.