PS 73 CWF Rolls with paper backing for Wood, Paint, Varnish, Filling compound, Plastic

Bonding agent Resin
Grain Aluminium oxide
Coating Semi-open
Backing C-paper + foam core
Filling compound

PS 73 CWF – the perfect abrasive roll for plastic, varnish and coatings

The abrasive roll PS 73 CWF by Klingspor has established itself as the ideal abrasive for roughening and finish grinding on a wide variety of surfaces and contours. Dispensed from a dispenser box, the innovative abrasive pads are designed for grinding jobs performed by hand and have what it takes to deliver results with flawless precision.

Ideal pressure distribution thanks to a foam-coated back

The abrasive roll PS 73 CWF comes with a foam backing to distribute the pressure evenly across the entire contact surface. This makes it possible to process workpieces that have a thin coating without running the risk of sanding through the material. Its semi-open coating with aluminium oxide bound by synthetic resin makes this product ideal for

  • paint & varnish as well as filled surfaces,
  • sanding on plastic and plastic coatings,
  • gelcoat and
  • finish sanding on wood.

The semi-open grain coating combined with the extra stereate coating provides for minimal clogging, e.g. on furniture. This quality comes to the fore especially during fine grinding and work that requires ultimate precision.

Their C-paper backing makes the abrasive pads exceptionally comfortable to hold and working with them an absolute breeze. The pre-perforated abrasive pads can be torn off quickly and cleanly thanks to the convenient dispenser box including fill level indicator. This ensures that the pads are always ready for use in an flash. The dispenser box keeps the abrasive roll PS 73 CWF neatly stored and safely protected from moisture and dirt.

Effective and resilient - for workshops and construction sites as well as use on the go

The abrasive roll PS 73 CWF by Klingspor comes in a rugged dispenser box including fill level indicator. The indicator shows the user exactly how many pads of abrasive paper are still left. The abrasive roll is pre-perforated at the convenient length of 140 mm, which makes the individual abrasive pads easier to tear off. It boasts a width and length of 115 mm and 25 metres, respectively, translating to approx. 180 abrasive pads. The PS 73 CWF abrasive paper possesses a grit coating density of 120.